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BioLean II is a dietary supplement for weight loss, appetite suppression and increased energy without the harmful side effects found in many supplements of this nature. BioLean II has a proprietary synergistic blend of natural herbal extracts and pharmaceutical grade amino acids that promote a multi-faceted approach to fat loss. Key ingredients such as Advantra Z®, guarana seed extract, green tea leaf extract and L-carnitine work together to increase the metabolic rate and encourage fat loss by elevating rates of thermogenesis and lipolysis. BioLean II may: •Enhance weight loss •Aid weight maintenance •Suppress appetite •Increase energy and alertness •Increase lipolysis or fat breakdown •Increase ratio of lean muscle mass to total body mass •Increase metabolic rate or thermogenesis Biolean® , is an ephedra-free daily nutritional supplement that acts as a key contributor to the healthy loss of excess body fat, while helping to maintain lean body mass and potent energy levels.

Using the patented Advantra Z extract, the new Biolean formulation offers the same benefits as regular BioLean and is the perfect choice for those wanting to lose weight without ephedra.

With the ability to break down fat while simultaneously causing an increase in metabolic rate, Advantra Z has proven effective for burning calories, reducing weight, increasing lean muscle mass to total body mass, and suppressing appetite. It is the only patented Citrus aurantium, bitter orange or citrus extract product for weight loss and physical performance on the market today. Advantra Z contains a rare combination of five naturally occurring components that, because they are less likely to cross into the central nervous system, are available to focus their activity where they are most wanted, on fat cells. Advantra Z may also act as an appetite suppressant.

Feel good about yourself inside and out. Try Biolean today.

Available 28 packets per box.

Retail Price: $89.00
Special Price:$73.95